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Cheyenne Soccer Club
Youth Recreational Soccer

Cheyenne Soccer Club intends to keep our members involved and included in their players soccer journey. Articles, notes, and basic information will be posted and sent to all. This information includes nutrition, development, and etiquette.

Game Day Etiquette

Applaud good plays by your team and by members of the opposing team. Parents should be cheerleaders. Allow the coach to coach, the referee to officiate, and most of all allow your child to play the game.

Between the exuberance of the winner and the disappointment of the loser, we have the referee. All of them follow the same creed to watch every movement of every player, and to call the game to the best of their ability. Please do not openly question their judgment, and never their honesty. They are a symbol of fair play, integrity and sportsmanship.

Parent Information Links


Parent Information Links

Parent/Spectator Expectations


Respect Campaign Uniting against the ugly side of soccer The FA launched a Respect Campaign in 2008 with good results. We would like to follow their example here at the Cheyenne Soccer Club. USRC started promoting this concept in 2010. US Soccer also began a Respect Campaign in 2012. AYSO joined with their "RESPECT.starts.with.me" program in 2012. We would love to see this campaign grow. Please be part of the Respect Campaign.

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