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Cheyenne Soccer Club Members,

On behalf of our entire staff, we want to thank all the players, parents and coaches who attended the skills clinic on March 3rd. It was a tremendous turnout, over 100 players, who took advantage of the opportunity to enhance the quality of the first touch, learn skill moves, apply those moves in One-on-One situations and focus on Shooting Technique by following our 7 Words.

Our approach was to provide a challenging, instructional and fun afternoon with the goal of making each participant leave feeling accomplished and most importantly, confident. “Teach skills and they will play a lifetime.”


LOOKING AHEAD - SUMMER CAMPS (Click for Preview Video)

As summer approaches, finding the most effective soccer camp to continue excelling as a player is extremely important. Our Camps are devoted to promoting superior 1v1 skills, a dynamic first touch, accuracy and power when striking the ball, mastery of the small group situations (2v1, 2v2, 3v1, 3v2, etc.) which are the building blocks of team play and effective soccer habits. 

Each curriculum begins with developing “comfort on the ball,” then turns to mastering soccer’s essential skills and best habits. Players develop the ability to use their skills with confidence and creativity under ever-increasing pressure, first in the 1v1 situation, then in those small group settings. The entire curriculum is looked over and upgraded each year in order to guarantee innovative, challenging, active, fast-paced programs of instruction, practice and play.

As a demonstration of our appreciation for allowing us to perform a winter clinic, Coerver would like to offer Cheyenne Soccer Club families a discount when registering prior to March 31st to the 3 camp locations near you.   
  • Location #1: CHEYENNE (North Park) July 9th -13th
  • Location #2: FORT COLLINS (Warren Park)  July 23rd - 27th 
  • Location #3: CASPER (Casper North Park)  July 30th – August 3rd
For a full list of the 21 summer camp locations and registration access, please click here


CHEYENNE2018 for a 20% OFF discount. 

These savings will be in valid through March 21st 

CHEYENNE18 for a 15% OFF discount. 

These savings will be in valid through March 31st 

All the best,

Coerver Colorado
P.O. Box 4946 
Englewood, CO 80155

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