Cheyenne Soccer Club Mission Statement
The Cheyenne Soccer Club is a volunteer organization designed to promote youth soccer in Cheyenne and the nearby areas. In doing so, the Cheyenne Soccer Club attempts to help develop the youth of Cheyenne into valuable citizens by promoting teamwork, discipline and a positive attitude. The Cheyenne Soccer Club also attempts to educate adults and parents about the aspects of soccer through coaching, refereeing and learning the sport.
Cheyenne Soccer Club News & Events

Referee Program Changes and Upcoming Clinic

This past Saturday marked the midway point for fall soccer. The club would like to thank our new referees and those from previous seasons for our best soccer to-date. Their impact on the game has been nothing but spectacular. As many of you know CSC decided to completely revamp its referee program. Our biggest move was to engage teenage referees from our ranks of players. This fall several young referees participated in our certification clinic and took to the fields. We have been overwhelmed by the success of these shining and talented individuals. Also we would like to thank the parents of these fantastic referees for supporting their children while engaging our referee program.

Referee Prep Program

Going forward CSC would like to announce a new Referee Prep Program for teenage CSC players. This program is designed to introduce our young players age 12-17 to refereeing. Current policy only allows referees that are certified through a sanctioned clinic to actually referee and these clinics are rare in their occurrence. Until the next clinic is held we are going to invite potential teenage referees to attend the Referee Prep Program.

How it will work

Each Saturday game day we will invite a few individuals that have signed up for the program to attend our U10 games on Saturday morning. We will discuss how you can becomes a referee and what the commitment looks like. Other aspects of refereeing will be discussed such as costs and the game fees earned. CSC pays our teenage referees the same fees as our adult referees. Given the opportunity we would like each individual to try refereeing a U10 game under the supervision of a CSC Board member or one of our two Directors of Coaching. Being on the field with U10 teams is more fun than work.

Participation in the Referee Prep Program is not a requirement to becoming a referee. Potential candidates can take a USSF sanctioned clinic sponsored by any soccer club throughout the United States and qualify to referee for CSC.

How to Sign Up

If you are interested please contact us right away. This program is limited to twelve individuals on a first come first serve basis. Please email or call the club. You will be contacted by phone.


Youth Recreational Schedule

The schedule for the 2014 Youth Recreational fall season can be accessed under the Schedules tab and by clicking Youth Rec. Individual and team picture schedules can also be found under Schedules and Pictures. An individual picture form can also be found here and downloaded.

2014/2015 Youth Rec Registration is Open

Registration Deadlines for Fall 2014 and Spring 2015 Season

To guarantee your child a spot on a team this coming fall, please register him/her by midnight Saturday, July 19th. After Saturday, July 19th, registrations will only be accepted if there is room in your child's division and a $20 late fee will be charged.

Registration Fees for Fall 2014/Spring 2015 Recreational Season

Under 4 $65 per child / Fall or Spring only - $47.50 per child
Under 6, and Under 8 Fall & Spring - $90.00 per child / Fall or Spring only - $72.50 per child
Under 10 & Up Fall & Spring - $105.00 per child / Fall or Spring only - $80.00 per child


There are scholarships available for those in need of financial assistance. Please download the form from the forms page under the resources tab prior to registering your child and email it to or mail it to: PO Box 2774, Cheyenne, WY 82003. A voucher number will be given to those who qualify so registration can be completed.

New Uniform Kits

The Cheyenne Soccer Club will be providing Adidas labled MLS jerseys, shorts and socks for al players.

Tentative Dates for Fall 2014 (games are played on Saturdays)

    Monday August 18th Coaches will be receiving rosters and will start notifying players when practice will be.
    Monday August 25th Practice will start
    Saturday September 6th will be the first games
    Saturday September 13th will be pictures
    Saturday October 25th will be the last games

Please Note

If players are registered for both fall 2014 and spring 2015 sessions, they will remain on the same team for both sessions. The jersey received in the fall will be the player’s jersey for the spring.

CSC Juggling Club

Advanced Eye Care Clinic and Cheyenne Soccer Club present the all new CSC Juggling Club Cards!

Juggling is an important part of young soccer players’ development.

Not all good jugglers are good soccer players, but all good soccer players are good jugglers. Why practice juggling? Because...
•Juggling helps young players develop a touch and feel for the soccer ball
•Juggling allows young players to set and achieve goals (personal juggling records) and promotes good work habits and determination to reach those goals
•Juggling helps young players develop balance, coordination, concentration, and quick reactions
•Juggling is an activity that young players can practice almost anywhere on their own (in their backyard, at a park, while watching a sibling's soccer game, etc.)

Our Juggling Cards are designed to help encourage young soccer players focus on this important soccer development skill.

Our Juggling Cards have levels of 20, 35, 50, 75, 100, 150. Every level the player reaches, we will punch their card. Players will attach their card to their bag and wear with pride!

In order for our players to earn their card, they must juggle at least 20 and it must be confirmed by CSC’s Chairman of Coaching and Player Development, Dave Eldred; Director of Coaching, Brian Longbottom.

Players, start juggling!!!


Help CSC earn income through Eurosport ( Everytime you click on the Eurosport icon located on the right and make a purchase, CSC earns a commission. This income helps CSC expand their coaching and player development programs, and keep costs to participants down. Let others know about this great fundraising opportunity for CSC.