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Cheyenne Soccer Club
Scholarship Program

Scholarship Form

There are scholarships available for those in need of financial assistance.

 RECREATIONAL Division:  Please complete the online prior to registering your child.  DEAD LINE July 27th for FULL and FALL Only.  SPRING Only, Feb 25th. (A voucher will be given to register at a discounted rate.)

COMPETITIVE Division:  Register your player and make the initial payments.  IF scholarship approved the registration fee will be adjusted.  Deadline for the upcoming season is July 10th.

Ensure the form to be completed in full including attaching their reduce lunch letter from the players school district. (Can be the current or future letter  You can contact your school district to get a copy.) IF your child doesn't qualify for this, please add an explanation for request for scholarship.


ALL RECIPIENTS OF A SCHOLARSHIP WILL BE REQUIRED TO VOLUNTEER FOR THE CLUB DURING THE SEASON OR WILL BE CHARGED THE FULL REGISTRATION AMOUNT. When completing the form don't forget to attach a copy of your player's free and reduce lunch program letter. IF your player doesn't meet the requirements, you need to address this in the comments section on the form. Please see the scholarship form for more information.

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