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The Wyoming 307
Select Soccer Program
Most of you are have probably heard of the Wyoming 307 Program and the Olympic Development Program (ODP). Wyoming Soccer has worked hard to grow and develop both programs, and throughout the past several years, we have come to realize that by combining the strengths of these programs, we have the potential to really showcase Wyoming's talent, further develop our players and increase opportunities for them. Over the past several months, a committee made up of parents, coaches and WSA technical staff have worked hard to develop a program that will do just that. And, we are ready to introduce it to you!
Below you will find a series of videos outlining the program. Please understand there is still work to do, and you have the opportunity to work with us to help get all the details in order. We are excited to share this with you and see our Wyoming players continue to grow, develop and have fun in the process!
307 Select Introduction
307 Select Objectives
307 Select Commitment
307 Select Framework
307 Select Benefits &amp; Cost

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Dispelling the Myths Regarding 307 Select
A message from WSA Technical Director--
I wanted to personally reach out to you all to dispel some of the rumors surrounding the state soccer programming and the direction in which the state is going forward.

Wyoming Soccer Association is making a concerted effort to renew its state soccer programming as we move forward, with a re-emphasis on player development and providing our players with the opportunity to play at the highest level in youth soccer.

As you may have seen, we released a series of videos this week outlining our program, and how it will operate as we move forward.

We are doing this because we truly believe that we can, and will, provide the best possible program and environment for players to enjoy playing soccer, develop every player regardless of their level and provide highly competitive playing opportunities for players of all levels.
Now Offering an Additional Evaluation Date!
Summer proves to be a difficult time to plan events, but we want to maximize training while the weather is at its best! After we released the June evaluation dates, we heard from some of you that your players wouldn't be able to attend due to tournaments, vacations and other events. Due to that, we have also set aside the weekend of July 7-8 for an additional evaluation. Please note--these evaluations will be organized as a training opportunity--which will allow players to showcase their skills in a training/game environment. Players will have the chance to demonstrate their abilities over the tryout weekends with a variety of sessions that will take place on both tryouts, with a mixture of training sessions, small-sided games and full size games that will provide a wide range of opportunities to showcase themselves. Players are encouraged to attend both if possible, but we understand scheduling constraints and hope you can attend one. Again, there is no cost for this evaluation/training weekend--so mark your calendars for June 9-10 AND July 7-8 in Casper!

Registration for the evaluation dates is now open
Click Below to Register!

US Youth Soccer vs. US Club Soccer
As well as discussion about the state soccer programming, there has also been some discussion over US Youth Soccer vs US Club Soccer. I have worked in organizations and clubs that have been associated with both governing bodies, and both have their positives and their drawbacks, however I would like to provide you with a brief background on US Youth Soccer, as that is the organization by which our state association is governed.

US Youth Soccer is the governing body for every state in the country. US Youth Soccer is a not-for-profit organization that governs states, leagues and tournaments. Any and all decisions that pertain to its players under US Youth Soccer are made by all 55 member states, giving us here in Wyoming a say in the direction of the overall organization. US Club Soccer accepts teams, leagues or tournaments, without total consideration for qualifications of personnel involved in the organization, that pay to register with the organization. This makes the job of overseeing coaching and playing standards under US Club Soccer hard to manage, inevitably making quality control difficult to manage, that is not to say that there are not good players and good organizations working with and under US Club Soccer, but a challenge nevertheless. 
Gold ODP Logo
The US Youth Soccer ODP program was established in 1977, and over that time has a proven track record of producing a countless number of professional and international players. It is a program that has always, and will always continue to attract the best teams, players and coaches, and will also offer the best exposure of our players at the highest level.
What to expect from the new 307 Select Program
Under the new Wyoming 307 Select Soccer Program:
  • Coaches and Managers will still have the final say on rosters.
  • Through open tryouts, we will provide opportunities for all players, and give the players that deserve to be on the best teams that chance to showcase themselves at the highest level. 
  • A tournament schedule that fits your teams needs and desires, with the assistance of a tournament committee set up to assist all teams in their choices and registrations.
  • A program committee has been formed with a variety of people from around the state to shape and guide the direction of the new program, if you are interested in being part of this committee, please let us know.
  • Established coaching standards to ensure a quality training experience for our players.
  • Continued ‘in-house’ and external coaching education for all coaches by qualified USSF Coach Instructor Staff at no additional cost to the coaches.
  • Player centered environment, promoting quality player development through a challenging and rewarding training program.
  • Associated costs rolled into one flat fee for the year (described in attached cost breakdown form).
  • Highly qualified staff from clubs and colleges around the region coaching at the ODP level.
  • Support and guidance from qualified Technical Director and Technical Staff.
  • Opportunity to play at the Olympic Development Program level and represent Wyoming at the annual ODP National Championships for those players who are good enough.
  • Potential invitation to ODP sub-regional events within Wyoming with the opportunity to then go onto regional and national ODP camps.
  • Promoting soccer throughout the state of Wyoming, growing the game at every level, servicing the needs of all players to make the state a better place to play soccer.
Wyoming 307 Select Costs--An Analysis
Regarding the cost of the program, linked here is an analysis (and also from the image at the right) that breaks down the financial aspects of the previous 307 and ODP programs and how they compare to the new 307 Select Program and the costs associated.
I would like to make it clear that WSA will make no profit on this program, we are doing it because we want the very best for our players. Additionally, we as a state are actively working on sponsorship opportunities to help reduce the additional costs associated with the program, like new uniforms and tournaments, which we hopefully have an announcement regarding in the very near future.
In Closing....
I believe that competition is a healthy thing between organizations, it means that any programs that are in existence must always push to be better, which hopefully, will only serve the players more as we move forward, as long as any existing programs have the best interest of the players at its core. If you have any additional questions regarding this program or need assistance in choosing what you feel is the best option for yourself or your son/daughter or are just looking for more information or discussion, please do not hesitate to get in touch.

Kind Regards,

David Hayes
Technical Director
Wyoming Soccer Association

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